Coworking space in Nature

I am a programmer, working mostly from home and to my surprise, all my colleagues are jealous of the place I am working from. So the idea just came to my mind, why don’t I offer this perfect place to others.

Why choose Gasthaus Teufelsmühle as your Coworking space:

  1. Very fast and stable internet from Starlink (200Mbit down, 20Mbit up, ping 30ms).
  2. Professional restaurant coffee machine (extra 1 Euro per drink).
  3. Beer and cakes can be arranged 😉
  4. Fresh air and a lot of space.
  5. Possibility to work outdoors on the terrace as well as inside from the restaurant.
  6. Beamer for presentations
  7. Free parking
  1. Only 10 euros per day (or 150 euros per month)*

*Please note that the price is valid for the summer season. For winter we only accept 3 or more people, price 20 euros per person.